What’s Online

There's tons of information and fun to be had online,
but there are dangers too.

The online world is an exciting place where you can socialize and keep in touch with family and friends by sending emails, chatting or playing games. There's tons of information and fun to be had online, but there are dangers too.

Social Networking

Social networks are anywhere where people can communicate and share information online. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are big networks of connected personal profile pages that allow you to send messages, post photos and express your personal thoughts.

Online Bullying

Online bullies, AKA cyberbullies, use technology — like cell phones and the Internet — to harass, embarrass or intimidate an individual. Cyberbullies send nasty rumours or hurtful comments over text messages, emails, websites and on social netoworks. Cyberbullies have also been known to send or post embarrassing photos of their victims over the Internet as well.

Chat Rooms

A chat room is like a hang out space where different users come to talk and meet new people online. Their text-based conversations appear on screen instantly, much like instant messaging, but the conversations of all the users are visible to everyone in the "room."

Instant Messaging

Instant messaging is a communication tool that allows you to talk to family and friends in real-time. When you send someone a message it appears on his or her screen right away, so it's just like you're talking face-to-face.

Online Gaming

Online gaming is just like playing a regular computer or video game, but instead of playing alone you can play with people from all over the world! Users can team up to defeat enemies or play against a computer-controlled team. There are even text and voice chat capabilities, so gamers can communicate in real time while they play.


Email is short for electronic mail, and that's exactly what it is! Instead of writing letters to friends and family by hand you can type your message and send it right away! Since email is delivered over the Internet, email messages are received almost instantly.

File Sharing

File sharing, AKA peer-to-peer or P2P, is a technology that allows users to search for and copy files from another computer. Most people use P2P to swap movies and music files.

3 Rules for Staying Safe

Not everyone is on the Internet to have a good time. Some people lie about who they are or bully others, so it's important to know how to avoid these people and surf safe.

No matter how you're using the Internet remember these 3 rules.

  • Never give out your real name or personal information like your home address and telephone number.

  • Stop, block and tell a trusted adult whenever someone or something makes you feel uncomfortable or threatened.

  • Treat other Internet users how you would like to be treated by being respectful and not sending nasty messages, videos or photos.