Healthy Relationships

Enbridge proudly supports the provision of resources to help keep families and youth healthy, safe, and secure. If you’re scared or worried – it’s time to ask for help.

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Although just 16 years old

Habiba’s parents decided to take her to Saudi Arabia to meet her future husband.

Julie is scared when her dad hits her mom, and it happens a lot. She told her best friend but swore her to secrecy because she didn’t want her parents to split up.

Josh and his sister, Caelie, fight all the time. They call each other names.

Jim has threatened to hurt Amanda. She is scared but won’t tell her parents.

Everyone is Jessie’s class is invited to Brad’s birthday party. Everyone except Jessie.

These relationships are not healthy – but what can you do to help?

YouthLink provides a unique way of exploring life’s challenges, and how to deal with the tough situations today’s youth are exposed to. Kids will be given an opportunity to explore real life scenarios, learn what is legal and not, and discover what resources are available to help.

Table Conversations

Youth participants will see 20 different scenarios play out; conversations covering all types of relationships. Then they will cast their vote – was it healthy or not – and why?

Question Pods

Youth can enter a private sound booth at YouthLink and get the answers to questions they may be too afraid to ask their friends or parents.

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