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Youth are our future.

Here at YouthLink we know it's critical that youth are empowered to take on today's challenges and learn to make smart and safe decisions.

Kids of all ages face issues and challenges on a daily basis, at school, in the community or even in our own homes.

YouthLink offers weekday school trip opportunities for grade 6 students, and we're available families navigate life's complicated issues and their solutions.

We take a hard look at topics like gang life, bullying, drugs, online safety and healthy relationships, and we are not afraid to take on the tough questions. It helps to know you can turn to YouthLink for answers and support.

Our interactive programming is designed to help families learn about making safe choices and the right decisions. And that's just one aspect of what we have to offer here at YouthLink!

Explore the World of Policing

Got a junior detective in your home that is wild about forensics? We have the perfect solution! Our Saturday programming offers you and your kids hands-on exploration with learning about DNA, blood spatter, ballistics, fingerprints and foot impressions, bugs and bodies. You can experience what it's like to investigate mysteries and solve the crimes!

Come explore everything about the Calgary Police Service with our interactive displays on Canine, Patrol, the TAC team, the HAWCS helicopter, and much, much more!

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