Wonder what it takes for our many hard working Police Units to keep Calgary safe? Discover the intriguing world of Calgary Police and find out how we can build stronger communities to make Calgary a safe place to live.

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When you arrive at YouthLink, you begin an amazing adventure

Come and explore the world of policing, showcasing the unique connection between our community and the Calgary Police Service.

Waiting to be discovered are many of the untold crime stories, some are heart-warming while others are tragic. You'll be taken on a profound journey through interactive exhibits, witness a "Day in the Life" of Calgary’s finest, get up close to a life-size replica of HAWCS helicopter patrolling overhead as you explore behind the scenes of the Tactical Unit, Canine, and most notably Patrol.

The Policing Street will transport you back to 1906, walking the beat on Stephen Avenue. Now put on your fedora and trench coat and through the eyes of Calgary Detectives, examining significant Calgary cases on display. Officers have shared their stories with you; a brand new police vehicle sits in wait to be explored, and projection videos bring the centre alive.

More than 2,000 police officers, helped by more than 1,000 civilians, are currently on the front lines working every day and night to make Calgary a safe place to live.

While the Calgary Police Service is steeped in tradition dating back to 1885, Police Officers are passionate about protecting youth, and working with the community, and preventing crime.

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